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Demetra Gaines- OSF Special Visitor Coordinator

Our work with OSF Children's Hospital has always been special to us largely because that is where our founder Taylor spent her time as child when hospitalized. What is really unique is that Demetria Gaines more commonly known as "Dee" was actually her Child Life Specialist as a patient. Dee states that, "When patients receive stuffed animals,  while hospitalized, it makes a huge impact. It is nice when the patients come to the surgery room for the first time and have a soft cuddly friend waiting on them. We have been able to encourage cooperation with medication compliance, therapies, tests, and procedures with the simple offer of these types of stuffed animals. The patient’s mood instantly lifts in front of you.


It’s incredibly important for Cuddles with Kindness to be able to have some of these stuffed animals available to put in patient’s rooms before they get admitted to the unit. To have something in their room upon admission, makes a big difference in how they cope. It’s comforting for them to see something when they get to their room". We are so grateful to be able to work with OSF Children's Hospital in aiding these children in their recovery. 

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