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Noel's Story

Noel was 8 weeks old when she went lifeless in her mother's arms. What seemed like an eternity was probably only a matter of seconds, but she was blue and unresponsive. The police and EMT arrived and Noel was responsive again. Noel was eventually transferred to OSF Children’s Hospital so they could try and get a reason for why she became unresponsive. Noel's mother Christine states, "Our 8 week old infant was getting tested for everything and some tests were very difficult to get through. On the second day we were there, the Cuddles with Kindness group knocked on our door and asked if we wanted to pick out a special stuffy for Noel! We got the perfect purple Frozen bear. It was so nice to have complete strangers come and love on our little girl and bring such comfort to us. Noel is now 2, and a healthy perfect little girl.


We never did get the exact reason for what happened to Noel, but we are so fortunate that she is as healthy as can be!!! We still have her frozen bear and we cherish that special moment in one of the scariest times of our lives as parents!" It is stories like these that make what we do worth it. Help us bring comfort to other children like Noel and be that little ray of sunshine for families when they need it most. 

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