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I'zack's Story

On July 7th of 2018  Miranda, the mother of I’zack, came home and realized I’zack didn’t look nor act as his normal self. I'zack was then rushed into the Emergency room where he was later addmitted into OSF Children's Hospital of Ilinois.


Miranda said, "When Cuddles with Kindness first approached his room and he saw Chief the dog. That was the first time his father and I had seen him smile in days. It truly melted us. I truly believe Cuddles with Kindness gave my son the motivation get up and walk, as he was curious to see where chief the dog was going. Little did he know he was also helping himself. I’zack still has his stuffed puppy, and loves to tell everyone that 'Marshall from paw patrol' visited him even though it was really Homer from the Peoria Chiefs". 

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